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A popular thickening agent, corn starch is especially handy for perfecting fruity sauces or Asian dishes with a high-gloss sheen. This premium Argo corn starch is a staple ingredient in any kitchen since it can help you create a wide variety of recipes!

  • Popular thickening agent
  • Great for fruity sauces and giving Asian dishes a glossy sheen
  • Can also be used in custards and puddings
  • 16 oz. box
  • Gluten free

Excellent Thickening Agent

Pure starches, like this corn starch, have greater thickening power ounce for ounce than flour. Argo corn starch is the perfect thickening agent for gravies, sauces, and glazes. It can also be used to thicken desserts like pies, custards, and puddings.


Easy to Use

Corn starch has to be heated and cooked for a short period of time in order to lose its starchy taste. Heating it also brings out its thickening properties, making your dish just the right consistency. However, corn starch does clump when added to hot liquids or mixtures, and should therefore be added in small quantities.

Won't Alter Taste

Many people prefer to use corn starch as a thickening agent since it dissolves clearly, and doesn't alter the color or appearance of dishes.


Since it's gluten-free, Argo corn starch is a health-conscious alternative to glutinous starches used in baking and cooking.


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